A Sound Encounter of en creux: in-between Roni Horn, Alvin Lucier and Robert Smithson, PhD thesis, Goldsmith, University of London.


“en creux has a fascinating way of working, taking tiny sounds and amplifying them, so what initially sounds like a crackle of electricity rises to sound like thundering rain on a flat metal roof, or tiny movements growing to sound like the breath of a monster.” – Bandcloud

‘Fuzz comes alive, moving at odd angles like the sinuous threads are being chased by a series of subatomic bleeps and flashes. Tension rises as the tempo picks up, fueling the disjointed rhythmic quality within each sterile, self-contained unit.’ – Fox Digitalis

‘…electricity pushing electricity pushing electricity…’ – ATTN:Magazine

‘…unfolding storm of static blasts, disorienting feedback loops and visceral sub pressure… crumbling opener to Vladislav Delay’s Visa, or Shotahirama’s masterful glitch excursion, Post Punk.’ – Stray Landings

‘Snobs die enkel genoegen nemen met de duurste installatie voor de meest ‘zuivere’ klank zullen bij het horen van deze vier nummers het angstzweet tot in de bilnaad voelen sijpelen. Maar al wie bijvoorbeeld een Alva Noto kan smaken, kan en creux gerust een kans geven.’ – Dark Entries


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Conversation with ATTN:Magazine on Taiwanese Experimental Music event at Cafe Oto.

Conversation with Stray Landings on ‘ex creux’ project and creative process.