June-July 2020: Inland Residency. A collaborative online residency project between IKLECTIK (UK) and Lacking Sound Fest. (Taiwan). As an independent curator and producer, I facilitate the conversations between the two organisations, co-curate the residency programmes and assist the funding application. This online collaborative residency is supported by and the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan.

July 2019: Curate and organise Conditional/FLUF/SM-LL mini European joint label tour at Copenhagen, Berlin and London, featuring label artists such as Andrea Taeggi, Blood Music, Calum Gunn, Casper Gottlieb, Dane Law, en creux, Nancy Drone, New Tendencies, tuuun, Typeface and Vialan. More info here.

July-September 2018: Artist Curatorial Residency with Music Hackspace at Somerset House Studios. During this residency, I have curated a series of workshops, talks and live performances from Taiwanese experimental and electronic artists, such as Sheryl Cheung, Yen-Tzu Cheng, Lien-Cheng Wang, Lu Yi. The residency culminating to a final live concert from Wang Fujui, Lu Yi, Meuko! Meuko!, TZU NI & LTY.

November 2017: Taiwanese Experimental Music event at Cafe Oto, featuring Taiwanese artists based in the UK and Europe, such as Chiyou Ding, Alöis Yang, Yen-Tzu Chang and Lucia H Chung.

Producer and host of We Are Happened (2017-2019): A monthly radio show of artist interviews and topical discussions with special guests on 199 Radio and Threads Radio. More info.

Live music events produced by Happened featuring artists such Yves De Mey, Pokk!, DB1, Dale Cornish, Ewa Justka, Shelly Parker, Adam Asnan, Graham Dunning, Georgie McVicar, Stavrogin, etc.