‘I am an outsider of outsiders because my inside doesn’t fit any concepts, any circles, any parties, any professions… There’s just me and my inside on my outside and my outside is outside it – even amongst outsiders” – Lily Greenham

07.08.2023. No-input feedback live set at Hard Return label event, along with Dhangsha and Akira Sileas. Cafe Oto, London, UK.

01.08.2023. lu:wn (collaborative project w/ Dawn Scarfe) live performance, along with Lorenzo Abattoir and Simon Whetham. Cafe Oto, London, UK.

25.03.2023. No-input feedback live set at SubSET#3, along with live sets from Avel Mismo, Laila Sakini and Serpente and DJs Nakamo, Maxquerade, and The Muffin Man. SET Woolwich, London, UK.

15.02.2023. No-input feedback live set at Mercury Over Maps #15, along with Bill Thompson and 3BP (Adam Pultz Melbye, Paul Stapleton and John Bowers). Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK.

27.01.2023. Live set using voice and feedback at music and poetry event Hard Work, along with Calliope Michail, Run the Bath, and Sarah Dawson. Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK.

26.01.2023. No-input feedback live set at Experiments in Sound and Affordances along with Dhangsha, Adam Denton and Big Noise improvisation. The North London Tavern, London, UK.

21.01.2023. Solo no-input feedback live set along with duo of Tongue Depressor, trio of Conal Blake, Regan Bowering and Li Song. Cafe Oto, London, UK.

20.01.2023. lu:wn (collaborative project w/ Dawn Scarfe) live performance at Thread into Mulch 3. Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK.

18.12.2022. No-input feedback live set at Noisemas II funding-raising for The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, IKLECTIK, London, UK.

20.10.2022. No-input feedback live performance at Control Voltage along with Dhangsha, Ramjac and Eumig. Southend-on-Sea, UK.

28.08.2022. lu:wn (collaborative project w/ Dawn Scarfe) live performance at Lisboa Soa 2022. Lisbon. Portugal.

20.05.2022. Phantasm tape release with the amazing czaszka (rec.). I have been wanting to do something with the hum and buzz from my equipment and capturing the moment when the feedback loops starts to emerge. Super happy to find a way to do it and this tape release is the record of the studio experiments.

23.02.2022. A Beautiful Staircase in an Abandoned Building video game music mix for Community Radio Tbilisi. Selection from my favourite survival horror, mystery and puzzle games.

18.02.2022. Blood Music Birthday. Live performance celebrating Blood Music‘s birthday along with friends Roberto Crippa, S. McEvoy, Guy Birkin, UAN, and Tom Mudd. IKLECTIK, London, UK.

20.11.2021. Going Platinum! Panel Discussion. A live streamed discussion on the crossover between experimental electronic music and video game music with Lisa Devon, James B Stringer and Christos Michalakos. Somerset House Studios, London.

11.11.2021. Online Artist Talks at Sound Arts Visiting Practitioners Series curated by Annie Goh, at the London College of Communications. London, UK.

07.11.2021. Cliff Edge:Improv for End-Times: NO PA ON (Luciano Maggiore+Louie Rice), Phil Maguire+Ciaran Mackle, and myself with no-input set. Hundred Years Gallery, London.

23.10.2021. LUFF Festival 2021. Lausanne. Switzerland. Live performance w/ noinput feedback. Watch live recording.

17-19.09.2021. Krama Festival 2021. Sound installation at KEIV, Athens, Greece.

15.09.2021. Solo noinput feedback live set at Colin Webster + Sylvia Hallett + Lucia H Chung. Cafe Oto, London, UK.

08.07.2021. {Spontaneous Predictions]: Luciano Maggiore, Michael Speers and lu:wn (a new collaborative project between myself and Dawn Scarfe). Live Performance at IKLECTIK, London, UK.

17.04.2021. Courier Despatch 3.0: Kevin Buckland, Lucia H Chung, Mawhrin Skel, Iris Garrelfs, Andrew Sherwell, Rob Gretton and Jen Hazel, Cousin Sharky, Diacritical Mark. Live Stream w/ electronic & mixer feedback. Watch on Youtube.

15.03.2021. Dronica Meets Lucia H Chung: I got invited to pick a selection of music for Dronica Festival on Resonance Extra, and I focus my selection on music from Asian female artists. Have a Listen + Tracklist.

21.06.2020. OsCiLlaTioNs – Summer Solstice Music Festival – fundraiser event. IKLECTIK. Live Stream w/ electronic & mixer feedback. Watch on Youtube.

01.05.2020. Verznights #006: Olive/Takuji/Maguire/Chung. Hundred Years Gallery. Live performance. Music mix.

24.04.2020. Medial Dark Ages / Tears|OV / Lucia H Chung. IKLECTIK. Live Stream w/ noinput feedback.

03.03.2020. BUTCHER + DENZLER / WARD + BOHMAN + MACEDO / CHUNG. IKLECTIK. Solo set w/ Noinput feedback. London, UK.

01.03.2020. Duo improv. w/ Sam Andreae at The Cliff Edge #3 : Chung/Andreae/Musson/Taylor/Ashcircle. Hundred Years Gallery. Live improv. w/ Noinput feedback.

25.02.2020. Pretty hard: Jo Thomas, James Malone, John macedo, Lucia H Chung. SET Dalston. Solo set w/ Noinput feedback.

09.01.2020. Trio improv. w/ Steph Horak & Iris Garrelfs at SOLO:DUO:TRIO, Cafe Oto. Live improv. w/ Noinput feedback.

Haven’t kept track of everything I have done prior to 2020. Just google it if you must know…