Been enjoying reading Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists

21.06.2020. OsCiLlaTioNs – Summer Solstice Music Festival – fundraiser event. IKLECTIK. Live Stream w/ electronic & mixer feedback. Watch on Youtube.

01.05.2020. Verznights #006: Olive/Takuji/Maguire/Chung. Hundred Years Gallery. Live performance. Music mix.

24.04.2020. Medial Dark Ages / Tears|OV / Lucia H Chung. IKLECTIK. Live Stream w/ noinput feedback.

03.03.2020. BUTCHER + DENZLER / WARD + BOHMAN + MACEDO / CHUNG. IKLECTIK. Solo set w/ Noinput feedback.

01.03.2020. Duo improv. w/ Sam Andreae at The Cliff Edge #3 : Chung/Andreae/Musson/Taylor/Ashcircle. Hundred Years Gallery. Live improv. w/ Noinput feedback.

25.02.2020. Pretty hard: Jo Thomas, James Malone, John macedo, Lucia H Chung. SET Dalston. Solo set w/ Noinput feedback.

09.01.2020. Trio improv. w/ Steph Horak & Iris Garrelfs at SOLO:DUO:TRIO, Cafe Oto. Live improv. w/ Noinput feedback.

Haven’t kept track of everything I have done so far. I guess you can just google it if you really must know…